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November 1, 2012

Welcome to www.crossbordertaxblog.com, W.L. Dueck & Co. LLP’s U.S. and cross-border tax blog. We are a team of over 20 tax professionals that work exclusively on U.S. and cross-border tax issues. Our clients include Canadian businesses and individuals with investments in the U.S. and U.S. citizens resident in Canada. We provide both tax consulting and tax return preparation services. We work with individual and business clients and their legal, accounting and financial advisors.

Our blog entries are written by our professional staff to give you an example of the U.S. and cross-border tax matters our clients ask of us. Some entries are from similar client situations while others explore new tax legislation and case law. Our blogs are written to be understood by all readers.

Our blog entries may not answer all the questions you have about your situation. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your situation further, either via a comment in our suggestion box, by email or by phone. Please visit our website at www.wldtax.com to learn more about our firm and the ways we can assist you with your U.S. and cross-border tax matters.