Namir Hallak writes an article for Maple Business Council

June 16, 2023

Our Partner, Namir Hallak, has written an article for Maple Business Council titled ‘Expanding Your Canadian Business to the U.S. : Cross-Border Tax

Expanding your Canadian business to the United States unveils an exciting growth opportunity that requires a well-planned roadmap. This article aims to identify key tax factors that owner-managers often consider when navigating cross-border business opportunities. Unfortunately, some business owners leave tax issues to the end not recognizing they are foundational to your business and in some cases are difficult to resolve later. In addition, unlike Canada’s relatively uniform federal and provincial taxes, the U.S. has over 13,000 taxing jurisdictions between federal, state, county and other political subdivisions for income, sales and other taxes. Even in an electronic world, U.S. tax law at all these levels may amount to a paper blizzard. This article will focus on the U.S. federal tax consequences.