Emily Yu Celebrates 15 Years with Andersen LLP

March 7, 2022
Emily Yu Celebrates 15 years with Andersen LLP

We are delighted to congratulate Director Emily Yu on her 15 years with our firm. Emily is one of the “original crew” from our Steveston days and made the move with us to our current office in downtown Vancouver in 2019. By combining forward-thinking tax advice backed by exceptional analytical skills, Emily has built Andersen LLP’s practice on resolving challenging cross-border tax issues for our clients, including U.S. citizens resident in Canada and Canadians investing in the United States. Emily is frequently called upon to assess complex U.S. and Canadian tax reporting requirements and determine the steps needed to bring clients into compliance with tax law on both sides of the border. Her work also includes assisting clients with delinquent U.S. tax filings and renunciation of U.S. citizenship

Before joining our firm, Emily worked in financial capacities in a variety of industries, including technology, advertising and architecture. Her hands-on business experience has given her insight into the challenges faced by our clients and informs practical strategies to address their goals. Thank you, Emily. You are exceptional, and we are privileged to have your invaluable leadership and guidance at our Vancouver office.