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U.S. Employees Working Remotely in Canada

Before the pandemic, working remotely was relatively limited. Today it is common for employees to work remotely, and many prefer it. Because of the risks of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, many employers require their employees to work remotely. In certain cases, employees are restricted to remote work sites in the U.S., but in other […]

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Renouncing Your U.S. Citizenship? – Count ALL Your Assets

November 19, 2019
Renouncing U.S. citizenship raises the issue of whether U.S. exit tax applies and what that calculation includes.
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Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (“GILTI”)

October 9, 2018

The December 2017 U.S. tax reform included a provision to subject to U.S. tax the earnings of intellectual property owned by U.S. investors outside the U.S. GILTI impacts U.S. persons resident in Canada who own Canadian and other non-U.S. corporations. Without effective tax planning, combined U.S. and Canadian tax rates approaching 85% could occur as […]

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Married Couples – When to Consider Filing Separately

February 8, 2013

Many married U.S. citizen and/or U.S. resident couples file a joint US income tax return. It is convenient, allows taxation of income at potentially lower tax rates compared to filing separately and may save a small amount of preparation time and professional fees. However, in some situations, filing a joint US income tax return may […]

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