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Watch Taxes for U.S. Citizens Resident in Canada: Tax 101

Our March 1, 2022 webinar, Taxes for U.S. Citizens Resident in Canada: Tax 101, is now available for viewing. In this webinar, Warren Dueck and Cooper Xu review basic tax issues that U.S. citizens resident in Canada, their accountants, and financial advisors should consider. Topics on the agenda include: U.S. Tax Filing Basics U.S. Tax […]

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Watch Investments for U.S. Citizens Resident in Canada: Tax 101

February 4, 2022

Our February 1, 2022 webinar on Investments for U.S. Citizens Resident in Canada is now available for viewing. This session is for U.S. citizens and other U.S. persons and their advisors, including investment advisors, financial planners, lawyers and accountants. Other U.S. persons may include Canadians resident in the U.S., green-card holders living in Canada and […]

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Canadian COVID-19 Guidelines – Cross-Border Workers

January 11, 2022

On December 29, 2021, Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) updated its guidance with Part VII – Supplemental Guidance (1) which extends administrative relief for Canadian resident cross-border workers in respect of their 2021 income tax obligations.  Individuals concerned about their potential income tax issues because of travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic continue to obtain relief […]

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U.S. Employees Working Remotely in Canada

December 20, 2021

Before the pandemic, working remotely was relatively limited. Today it is common for employees to work remotely, and many prefer it. Because of the risks of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, many employers require their employees to work remotely. In certain cases, employees are restricted to remote work sites in the U.S., but in other […]

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