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2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Tax Plans

The Super Tuesday primary results quickly provided clarity to the Democratic nomination contest by further winnowing the field of candidates down to only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. One area where the Democratic candidates agree is that taxes should be increased on wealthy individuals and corporations. However, there are material differences between the proposals put […]

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Qualified Charitable Distributions – Tax Savings for Canadian Residents

November 18, 2019
Canadian residents that hold certain U.S. retirement plans may have an unusual tax savings opportunity when making charitable contributions.
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900,000 Canadian Bank Records Were Recently Sent to the IRS – What you Need to Know

November 15, 2019
Sharp increase in records sent to the IRS under the Canada-U.S. information sharing deal.
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Trump’s Tax Plans

November 10, 2016

Donald Trump’s surprise election win has people wondering about his tax plans. Many things said on the campaign trail never result in any change. To achieve any of his tax plans, Trump will need the cooperation of Congress, including those he likely alienated, if not excoriated during the campaign. Trump has made the common but […]

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