Canada-U.S. cross-border tax

Canada-U.S. cross-border tax

Andersen in Canada also focuses on U.S. and Canadian cross-border tax matters. We work with Canadian business, U.S. investors, and U.S. persons and business in Canada  along with their legal and accounting advisors.

Our professionals provide innovative solutions that are tax efficient and tailored to your needs. We offer a range of U.S. and Canadian cross-border tax services to clients located throughout western Canada and the U.S.. The following lists identify just some of the areas where we can be of assistance. Clients are invited to contact us and we will book an appointment for you with the appropriate member of our team.

Tax Strategy

Tax Return Preparation

  • Canadian Clearance Certificate applications (on sale of Canadian real property by non-residents of Canada)
  • Canadian investment in the U.S.
  • Closer Connection Statements for non-resident aliens of the U.S.
  • Corporations, S corporations and other corporate entities
  • Delinquent U.S. tax filings 
  • Disclosure of foreign investments, accounts and other transactions for U.S. and Canadian tax purposes
  • Employer identification numbers
  • Obtaining U.S. individual taxpayer identification numbers (“ITIN”)
  • U.S. and Canadian voluntary disclosures
  • IRS streamlined filing procedure
  • Other U.S. and Canadian withholding tax and report filings
  • Partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities
  • Tax returns and disclosures (for Canadian entities owned by U.S. persons)
  • Transition between the U.S. or Canada
  • U.S. federal and state business income tax returns
  • U.S. federal, state and Canadian individual income tax returns
  • U.S. persons resident in Canada
  • Withholding certificates for dispositions of U.S. real property