Webinar Replay – BizTax: Structuring your cross-border business

September 29, 2023

Watch Namir Hallak and Krista Rabidoux identify key tax drivers for Canadians structuring a cross-border business into U.S.


  • U.S. business activities: Treaty protection
  • Inbound legal entities
  • Nature of U.S. business income: active vs. passive
  • Retain U.S. business profits vs. distribute cash to Canadian owner
  • Exit plan for U.S. business
  • Reporting in Canada for a U.S. Business

This webinar highlights relevant tax issues that can arise from navigating the intricacies of structuring a cross-border business into U.S. It does not constitute tax advice. If you have questions about your specific situation, we invite you to contact us to discuss your circumstances.