Watch Business Ownership for American Residents in Canada: Tax 101

June 8, 2022

Our June 7, 2022 webinar, Business Ownership for American Residents in Canada: Tax 101, is now available for viewing.

In this webinar, Warren Dueck and Steven Flynn discuss the tax issues that apply to ownership of business entities by Americans resident in Canada and alternative business strategies available to them. The challenges arise because these individuals are taxable in both countries on their worldwide income. That can result in conflicting Canadian and U.S. tax laws, an acceleration of income taxable to shareholders, a mismatch of income and timing of expenses and more.  Solutions often start with the choice of entity and other choices related to that entity’s taxation.

Topics on the Agenda

  • Entity Strategies
  • Business Formation and Canadian Tax
  • U.S. Anti-Tax Deferral Regimes
  • Canadian and U.S. Corporations
  • “Pass-Through” Entities
  • U.S. and Canadian Tax Reporting

New webinar coming up on July 12, 2022 – Canadian and US Tax on Capital Gains: Tax 101
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