Steven Flynn Celebrates 17 Years with Andersen LLP

February 18, 2022
Steven Flynn celebrates 17 years at Andersen LLP

We are delighted to congratulate our Partner, Steven Flynn, on 17 years with our firm. Steven has been an integral part of our growth and success, from shortly after the firm’s founding in a home office, in beautiful seaside Steveston, to our current offices in downtown Vancouver, BC. His professional background includes experience as a public accountant with a Big 4 firm and in industry with an engineering firm. For the last 17 years, he has applied his exceptional professional skills in providing cross-border tax services for U.S. citizens resident in Canada, Canadians moving to the U.S., and clients with cross-border business activities.

Steven is a big believer in helping our clients understand their tax positions, how to take advantage of tax opportunities, and the options available to minimize their exposure to tax and penalties. He was instrumental in our first forays into producing video content and is a regular presenter for our Tax 101 webinar series. 

Steven is also sought after for commentary on Canadian and cross-border tax issues and presenting at professional education conferences for his peers. His significant knowledge and business savvy benefit our clients in countless ways. He has a knack for taking stock of complex situations and distilling them into the essential elements to develop sound and practical tax strategies. As a colleague, Steven is generous with his time, providing expertise and mentorship to all members of our team. His determination and vision have been key ingredients in charting the course toward our current success. So, yes, a big thank you for ALL you do, Steven. Your contributions professionally and personally are greatly appreciated on so many levels.