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Increase in Canadian Capital Gains Tax – Cross-Border Tax Impact

On April 16th, the Canadian federal government introduced proposals to increase the capital gains tax rate. Effective June 25, 2024, the federal and provincial capital gains tax rate increases approximately 10% from an average of 25% to an average of 35%. Corporations and Trusts see this rate increase on all capital gains realized on or after this […]

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Steven Flynn Featured on Snowbirds US Expats Radio Podcast

April 1, 2024

Steven Flynn, joins Gerry Scott on the ‘Snowbirds US Expats Radio Podcast’ to explore US and Canadian tax issues impacting Canadians purchasing real estate in the US. Listen to the episode here – US and Canadian tax issues impacting Canadians buying US real estate property

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Webinar Replay – U.S. Business Expansion to Canada Part 2

March 13, 2024

Watch Steven Flynn and Danny Guerin as they provide insights on U.S. business expansion into Canada. Topics: This webinar highlights relevant tax issues that can arise from U.S. business expansion into Canada. It does not constitute tax advice. If you have questions about your specific situation, we invite you to contact us to discuss your circumstances:

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Taxation of the Hockey Player Versus the Movie Star

March 4, 2024

This is a story of the unusual difference between the Canadian taxation of non-Canadian professional athletes versus non-Canadian actors and actresses. Chapter 1 – The Hometown Hockey Hero Jonathan Tavares grew up in Ontario and played nine seasons for the New York Islanders. He became a free agent in summer 2018 and chose to play […]

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